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  • Inclusive sandbox is a devices that has a therapeutic and fun function at the same time. Apart from rehabilitation centers, the Inclusive Sandboxes is perfect for schools and kindergartens with children with different levels of ability, as well as for public playgrounds.
  • Playing in the sandbox is primarily hand therapy, training manual skills. In the special playgounds in the sand the therapist can hide colorful pebbles, shells or other objects. The task of the person who is playing is to find them in the sand, grab them and take them out. This type of play also supports sensory integration.
  • Elevated Inclusive Sandbox gives the possibility of conducting therapy for people with physical and intellectual disabilities and provides additional support for the development and play of non-disabled children. The elevated sandbox can be used by people in wheelchairs, but non-disabled people can also play there. Having fun together means social integration.
  • The device complies with the EN 1176.


The device is intended for use by non-disabled people, as well as for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair. Devices recommended simultaneously for people with intellectual disabilities, with neurological immersion (strokes, MS), for people with sight disabilities, as well as for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders.

Neurological rehabilitation Kinesiotherapy
Eye-hand coordination involving the selection of sand objects (pebbles, colored objects, shells). This type of coordination is responsible for correctly judging distances and allows you to plan and execute your movements accurately and purposefully. Sensory integration therapy based on sand spreading, which acts on the receptors in the hands. Training of strength and coordination of the upper limbs, as well as the agility and strength of the grip, precise control of the work of the phalanges and the wrist. Functional hand training aimed at re-educating its functions - active wrist and hand exercises.

Technical details

Device dimensions and parameters:

External dimensions of the elevated sandbox: 1360x1360 [mm]

Internal dimensions of the elevated sandbox: 1148x1148 [mm]

Height from the ground of the elevated sandbox: 879 [mm]

Elevated sandbox weight (without foundation): 117 [kg]

Thickness of the HDPE: 10 [mm] sides

External circuit of the legs cross-section: 90 [mm]

Another dimensions

Free fall height: none

Functional area dimensions: depends on the configuration of the swings. 1500 mm from the each external edge of the device.

Functional area: 30,26 m^2


Elevated inclusive sandbox