3D Visualization



  • Inclusive Horizontal Cubes are dedicated to playgrounds, outdoor gyms, parks and home green areas in order to provide the possibility of simultaneous fun for non-disabled people and users with disabilities, also resulting in moving in a wheelchair.
  • They can be mounted as one device with selected graphics or several devices next to each other, each with a different educational and therapeutic pattern.
  • A template to support AAC communication is also available. Users can contextually adjust graphics to form a set in one row.
  • The device supports the kinesiotherapy of the upper limb and cognitive development.
  • The device complies with the EN 1176.



Available patterns:


The device is recommended for non-disabled users, as well as for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair. For people with intellectual disabilities, with neurological disorders (strokes, MS). For people with visual disabilities, as well as for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders and dementia.

Neurological rehabilitation


Exercises positively influence the improvement of cognitive processes. They also include eye-hand coordination training. This type of coordination is responsible for correctly judging distances and allows you to plan and execute your movements accurately and purposefully. An additional difficulty is the educational task (counting, matching figures, etc.), which is aimed at distracting attention from the basic task and thus contributing to the automation of coordination skills. The task also affects sensory stimulation. Embossed letter tiles act on receptors on the palm of your hand. Due to the possibility of guiding fingers along the milled line of the pattern, the device is also suitable for blind people or people with vision problems.

Training in strength and coordination of the upper limbs while rotating the cubes to adjust them as directed by the therapist.

Technical details

Inclusive horizontal cubes are made of following materials:



Construction: black steel profile with epoxy primer and powder coated, stainless steel

Cubes: HDPE board 10 mm thick, milled
Foundation: concrete minimum B-15 class



Outer dimensions: 1680 mm x 1372 mm x 304 mm
Height of the device measured from the ground level: 1172 mm

Distance from the ground level to the lower edge of the cubes: 868 mm

Cube dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Number of cube: 3

Weight of the device: 46 kg


Free fall height: none

Safety area: 1500 mm from each outer edge of the device

Foundation depth:  540 mm