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  • The Inclusive Roundabout is a device that has a therapeutic and fun function at the same time. Apart from rehabilitation centers, the Inclusive Roundabout is perfect for schools and kindergartens with children with different levels of ability, as well as for public playgrounds.
  • The Inclusive Roundabout is an innovative device, with a completely different method of driving than other carousels on the market. The roundabout only spins in one direction. While playing, the user exercises the upper limbs. He has full control over the speed and pace of setting the device in motion and can decide to stop because the device is equipped with brakes. If a person with a disability is not able to drive the device, it is enough for an able-bodied person participating in the game to do this activity. It is similar with braking - it is enough for one person to use the brake. The device is equipped with two chairs which, when folded, become backs for wheelchairs.
  • People with disabilities can play on the device at the same time, also in wheelchairs, together with non-disabled people in various configurations of these users,
  • On the device at the same time can play:

     - 1 person without disabilities + 1 wheelchair user
     - 2 people without disabilities
     - 2 wheelchair users

  • The device complies with the EN 1176.


The device is recommended for non-disabled users, for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair, crutches, and a rollators. For people with intellectual disabilities, with neurological disorders (strokes, MS), for people with visual disabilities, as well as seniors.
Neurological rehabilitation Kinesiotherapy
Vestibular system stimulation and sensory therapy. Exercises while driving the roundabout make the muscles of the shoulder girdle and upper limbs more flexible. They include training of alternating concentric and eccentric work of the forearm and shoulder muscles. They improve the grip pattern in people with motor disabilities (cerebral palsy).

Technical details

External dimensions: diameter 2640 mm

Height  measured from the ground level: 1013 mm

Substructure depth: 656 mm

Free fall height: 433 mm

Weight: 520 kg

Functinal area dimension: 29,21m2

Safert area dimensions: 2000 mm from each outer edge of the platform


Inclusive roundabout