• Inclusive wheel is a device dedicated to playgrounds and other recreational areas. It is an educational, therapeutic and fun device at the same time. In addition to rehabilitation centers, Inclusive wheel is perfect for schools and kindergartens with children with different levels of fitness, as well as for public playgrounds.
  • Graphics presenting faces with different emotions placed on the device. They give the opportunity to conduct cognitive rehabilitation, carry out exercises and talk about emotions, and to support AAC communication in terms of showing how a person feels at a particular moment.
  • The device has no barriers in access, both physical and cognitive. The device can be used by people with different levels of fitness and non-disabled people, in various configurations in relation to these users. The device is suitable for use by people in wheelchairs with intellectual disabilities. The device is also friendly for people with vision problems, because the graphics are milled in the plate (the graphics line is concave). Apart from rehabilitation centers, they are perfect for schools and kindergartens with children with different levels of ability, as well as for public playgrounds.
  • The device complies with the EN 1176.


The device is recommended for non-disabled users, as well as for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair. For people with intellectual disabilities, with neurological disorders (strokes, MS). For people with visual disabilities, as well as for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders and dementia.


Neurological rehabilitation Kinesiotherapy
Exercise has a positive effect on the improvement of cognitive processes. The use of the wheel supports AAC communication in the therapy of patients who communicate non-verbally in terms of the possibility of indicating the emotions that the user has at a given moment. The device also supports learning about recognizing and communicating emotions in people with autism, intellectual disability, and dementia by training the logical matching of the elements of the pattern to each other. Due to the possibility of guiding fingers along the milled line of the pattern, the device is also suitable for blind people or people with vision problems. The device also supports sensory integration therapy. Embossed letter tiles act on receptors on the palm of your hand. Training strength and coordination of the upper limbs as you rotate the rings of the wheel to fit them as directed by the therapist.

Technical details


External dimensions:720x578x1375 mm

Outer diameter of the wheel: 720 mm

Height of the wheel axis from the ground: 800 mm

Height of the wheel from the ground: 440 mm

Weight (without foundation): 50 kg

Diameter of the main profile: 60,3 mm


Free fall height: none

Functional area dimensions: 10,2 m^2

Safety zone: 1500 mm from each outer edge of the device
Foundation depth:  470 mm