AVIOR device enables effective rehabilitation through self-assisted, active, resistance and functional exercises of the crurotalar joint. AVIOR provides also a knee rehabilitation option, achieved by self-assisted, active and resistance flexion and extension.

The option of self-assisted exercising allows the therapist to supervise more than just one patient at a time. While training, the patient defines his/her pain threshold and the device is set accordingly, ensuring they are safe and comfort during exercising.
AVIOR is a device that is simple to use and mobile due to wheels installed on the main frame. An ergonomic, eye-catching design ensures the comfort of usage.
AVIOR can be equipped with a biofeedback system, which stimulates the nerve system, increasing the effectiveness of rehabilitation, motivation and comfort of training.

Advantages of the device

• Active, self-assisted, resistance and functional rehabilitation
• Elastic resistance
• Mapping the anatomical axles of the joits in the device
• Effectiveness and therapist’s support
• Comfort of usage
• Easy to transport


  • Plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the ankle – self assisted, active and resistance,
  • Pronation and supinantion of the ankle – active and resistance,
  • Flexion and extension of the knee – self assisted and resistance.

Ranges of motion

  • 40o dorsiflexion
  • 35o plantarflexion,
  • 31o pronation and supination,
  • 40o extension of the knee,
  • 30o flexion of the knee.



  • Injuries to ligaments and cartilage,
  • Muscle and ligament strains,
  • Twists of the crurotalar joint,
  • Dislocations in the area of crurotalar joint,
  • Breaks of the crurotalar joint,
  • After knee joint arthroscopy.

Technical details

Dimensions (mm): 390 x 892 x 910
Weight (kg): 25


How to restore mobility of ankle and knee joint? AVIOR ankle and knee rehabilitation device