DRACO device enables active, self-assisted and resistant exercises of the crurotalar joint. The option of self-assisted exercises enables the therapist to supervise more than just one patient at a time. While training, the patient defines his/hers pain threshold and the device is set accordingly, ensuring the safety and comfort of exercising. In the next stage of rehabilitation the patient trains in active and active-resistant mode to increase their strength and agility.

Precise mapping of the anatomical axles of the crurotalar joint in the device enables the patient to return to or to achieve the complete agility. DRACO is simple and intuitive to use and its ergonomic design ensures comfort during usage. It also offers desirable aestetics.


  • Plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the ankle – self assisted, active and resistance,
  • Pronation and supination of the ankle – self assisted, active and resistance,
  • Multidimensional exercises of the ankle – self assisted, active and resistance,

Ranges of motion

  • 47o plantar flexion,
  • 40o dorsiflexion,
  • 34o pronation and supination.



  • Injuries to ligaments and cartilage,
  • Muscle and ligament strains,
  • Twists of the crurotalar joint,
  • Dislocations in the area of crurotalar joint,
  • Breaks of the crurotalar joint.

Technical details

Folded (mm): 620 x 680 x 400
Unfolded (mm): 940 x 680 x 400
Weight (kg): 16


How to restore functions of the ankle joint? Try DRACO device.