Adoption of the upright posture is significant element of rehabilitation either at the stage of the clinic treatment or during the following period of home training. The meaning of learning or restoring the upright position pattern has the key meaning in the post-traumatic rehabilitation but also in neurology and permanent disfunctions of the locomotor system both in adults and children.

Ceiling installed rail creates the track of walking which can be custom chosen and defined while ordering the rail to fit the dimentions of the rehabilitation room.
The trolleys holding the patient are deposited in the rail in any needed number, allowing few patients to train under therapists supervision in the same time. The trolley is installed to the rail with the special roller enabling to move on the track of the rail.
The upright posture training rail is an important rehabilitation room equipment enabling to train the upright posture and walking on the defined track. Through the close cooperation with the therapist, the patient has a chance to restore or create the correct posture and gait pattern, strenghten the muscles and improve the blood circulation.
The rail is made of powder coated steel profiles 60x60 mm

Technical details

Optional length and shape of the rail sections: 

Arc: 1,8 m, dimensions: 2 m/1 m

Arc:  0,9 m, dimensions: 1 m/1 m

Straight section: 1 m

Straight section: 2 m