PICTOR allows the individual to achieve the complex rehabilitation of the wrist joint based on active, self-assisted exercises which are needed to rebuild the functions of the anatomical movements of the wrist. The complete data of the rehabilitation will be registered by the monitoring system. PICTOR optionally can be equipped with the biofeedback, making the rehabilitation proces more effective and pleasant for the patient. PICTOR enables self-assisted, active and resistant exercises for the wrist area, and is supplemented with self-assisted rotational movements of the forearm. While training, patient defines the pain threshold and the device is set accordingly, ensuring safety and comfort during exercising.
While PICTOR allows the patient to train without constant supervision, the therapist can assist more than one patient at a time.
PICTOR is simple to use and is mobile via the wheels installed on the main frame. Ergonomic design ensures comfortable use of the device and its aesthetics are agreeable.

Advantages of the device
• Effective, precision and comfort of rehabilitation
• Self-assisted, active and resistance rehabilitation
• Mapping the anatomical axles of the wrist joint
• Adapting to different stages of the injury



  • Wrists flexion and extension – self assisted, active and resistance,
  • Wrists adduction and abduction – self assisted, active and resistance,
  • Forearm pronation and supination – self assisted, active and resistance.

Ranges of motion

  • 90o wrist flexion and extension,
  • 72o wrist adduction,
  • 90o wrist abduction,
  • 90o forearm pronation and supination.

Technical details

Dimensions (mm): 620 x 360 x 240
Weight (kg): 17


Wrist joints rehabilitation? Try with PICTOR!