ELBO - the result of the internship winners at the competition „MedDESIGN Design your internship”

Adaiz / 23. March 2015 - 8:36

Two different people, walking their own paths. Young, searching, curious of the world. Engineer and the designer. Seems that two different worlds, two different faces and ways of thinking. Meeting at the workshop MedDESIGN, dedicated to students of medical engineering at Gdansk University of Technology and industrial design of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Three days of hard work and then participation in a competition „MedDESIGN Design your probation”, organized by TERMA company as the continuation of the cooperation started at the mentioned workshop. The effect: introduction to the market of the new wrist and elbow joint rehabilitation device ELBO.

„MedDESIGN Design your internship” competition has came to an and

Adaiz / 19. March 2015 - 14:03

We already know the winners of the competition „MedDESIGN Design your probation” organized by TERMA company. Congratulations to Jakub Stojałowski (Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk) and Iga Kurcaba (Gdansk University of Technology) for the ELBO project!

Designers and engineers in the dialogue - MedDESIGN workshop

Adaiz / 20. March 2015 - 13:52

The first edition of the interdisciplinary workshop "MedDESIGN Together for the Disabled - engineers and designers" came to en end, co-organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Gdansk University of Technology and a representative of the industry, the company TERMA Sp. z o o from Gdansk, rehabilitation equipment manufacturer.