Designers and engineers in the dialogue - MedDESIGN workshop

Today's requirements for the design and creation of new values are based on dialogue, possibly wide and interdisciplinary, covering activities in the field of diversified project teams. Often, however, young people entering the labor market for these realities are completely dysfunctional. In their opinion, the presence of a group, often with different ideas and views, is an obstacle, not a springboard for new solutions. The idea behind the workshop was breaking down stereotypes and developing the cooperation - engineers and designers, but also sensitivity to the requirements of legislation, security and above all, functional solutions for people with disabilities. The aim of the workshop was well acquainted with the reference and optimal implementation of the design process, extending to every stage in close collaboration engineer and designer.


Participants of the free, innovative workshops were students of Gdansk University of Technology, faculty Medical Engineering and the Academy of Fine Arts, Industrial Design direction. MedDESIGN were carried out in three days: 19,20th and 26th October of 2013. Classes were divided into two parts, similarly every day: lecture and workshop. To emphasize interdisciplinary and to deepen integration among the participants, classes were conducted in alternating locations: the first day was held in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, the other in the main building of the Gdańsk University of Technology, and the third again in AFA.


Divided into twelve project groups, which contained two representatives of the Gdansk University of Technology, and two of the Academy of Fine Arts, worked on tasks randomly selected for the study. The theme was a solution for people with dysfunction of the upper or lower limbs. In addition to having to wade through the difficult process of design, including, among others brief, mind map, SWOT analysis, brainstorming, drafting concepts and their choice, students have to deal with finding a common language, specifying the roles in the group and the realization of a common goal.


The first two lectures: "Methodology for the implementation of a design project (schematic design activities)," presented by prof. Brand Adamczewski, head of the Department of Product Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and "Engineering design methodology", referenced by Assoc. Eng. Professor Michal Wasilczuk. Associate., head of the Department of Machine and Vehicle Design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Gdansk, addressed adequately in the same area, but they were presented in a manner showing the differences and stereotypes existing in the understanding of many important and common issues in both the constructors and designers. After hearing both the lectures it became clear that both sides say, after about, the same, but somewhat different language.

On the second day the students got to know the issues related to the optimization of the design (conducted by Dr. Simon Grymek, Gdansk University of Technology), and examples of design projects, prepared by the ace. Jack Ryń, representing the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.

The third and the last day in the theoretical part concerned specific examples - the complete development of a design, presented by Assoc. Jaroslaw Szymanski, Vice-Rector for. Education and student affairs from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and practical design stages of rehabilitation devices presented by Mateusz Pawelec, product manager and designer at Terma Sp. z oo, a graduate of the first vintage of Medical Engineering.


During the workshop part, students worked under the direction of eminent authorities: prof. Marek Adamczewski and prof. Bogumiła Jóźwicka, representing the direction of the Industrial Design Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and prof. Michael Wasilczuk and prof. Szymon Grymek from Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Experience in the design of medical devices also shared representatio company Terma Sp. z oo: Mateusz Pawelec (from the construction) and designer Jacek Ryń, representing both TERMA and direction of Industrial Design Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.


Led by experienced professionals, students overcame more difficult stages, while learning important project activities, which can not be ignored in a future life. Learn to dialogue and cooperation in an interdisciplinary team at each stage of the project - many of the participants indicated that this was one of the most difficult tasks and challenges during the workshop. The dilemma became: which idea is the best, whose concept to select, which parameters are most important? This result confirms the need for an organization of this type of projects. Young people need to learn openness and communication skills, because only such cooperation allows to achieve a common goal - better, faster and more efficiently.

The highlight of the workshop was the presentation of selected concepts for each group. Within 5 minutes the participants had to present concepts and to answer three key questions: how it looks, how it works, what is it made of?

These ideas were often innovative, surprising, yet elaborated, which was not an easy task in just 3 days workshop. Well directed, the huge potential that lies in the young, ambitious people, allows you to explore new areas and to achieve innovative solutions. It needs just to create a platform for dialogue and conditions, which confirms the need for an organization of this type of projects. The next edition of the MedDESIGN workshop is in preparation.


In order to continue this cooperation, the MedDESIGN participants was prepared competition "MedDESIGN, design your probation", implemented by the company TERMA company. The winners of the first prize will take the 3-month, paid probation with the possibility of developing prototype of the winning concept. The contest and the announcement of the results will be held on 4 December.