„MedDESIGN Design your internship” competition has came to an and





The competition was organized by TERMA company, was ment to continue the cooperation that was started during the first, interdisciplinary workshops „MedDESIGN Together for the disabled, engineers and designers” run on October 2013 with the support of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Gdansk University of Politechnics.


During the three workshop days, the representatives of mentioned universities, in groups, were developing projects reffering to disabilities of upper or lower limbs. The representatives of the two different words, who even in different language but were speaking about the same proccess.

In addition of having to struggle with the difficult proccess of design, containing a brief creation, map of thoughts, SWOT analysis, brainstorm, defining the ideas and choosing the best one, students had to find a common language, define roles in the group and realize the common aim.





Congratulations to Jakub Stojałowski (Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk) and Iga Kurcaba (Gdansk University of Technology) for very mature and nuanced project of the wrist and albow joint rehabilitation device ELBO.

The award is a 3-months paid probation in TERMA company, crowned with the creation of the prototype of the winning project.

The winning project ELBO – team: Jakub Stojałowski and Iga Kurcaba