Workshop „MedDESIGN Together for the disabled” - engineers and the designers

The workshop is dedicated to students of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Gdansk University of Technology, the faculty of Medical Engineering. The tasks ment for the groups containing 2 representatives of Academy of Fine Arts and 2 of Gdansk University of Technology are simple devices to facilitate the life of the disabled. Join these who brake the communication borders, open for the new experiences, ideas and knowledge.
The workshop is covered by the Honorary Patronage of: Rector of Gdansk University of Technology, Rector of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, President of Gdansk.



Recruitment starts June 1.

The number of places is limited.

It will not be easy, but creatively and constructively. They will take care of it:




Workshop programme

Please be advised that recruitment to the first edition of the workshop MedDESIGN is closed.