The E-LEO electric wheelchair for children is a light wheelchair, intended for children aged 3-8 years suffering from diseases causing motor dysfunctions.

The device is adaptive in terms of height adjustment and adjustment of the elements stabilizing the patient in the structure of the device. This allows the device to be used by a child for a longer period of time.

The device is foldable, which allows for convenient transport. E-LEO offers an attractive design, especially for the youngest patients, and gives the possibility of personalization in terms of the color of the device frame.

The E-LEO electric wheelchair is equipped with a control system. The control takes place via a manipulator operated by the patient.

The electric wheelchair for children E-LEO is intended for indoor and outdoor use, for driving on a paved surface.



• cerebral palsy

• genetic syndromes

• paresis of the lower limbs

• rheumatic disease

• spina bifida

• polyneuritis




User height: 108-126 cm

Maximum weight of the user 50 kg

Width of the seat: 331 mm

Depth of the seat: 463 mm

Turning radius: 600 mm

Total width: 580 mm

Total lenght: 727 mm

Height of the seat: 353 mm

Maximum speed: 15 km/h

Maximum range: 10 km

Weight of the device without user: 30,37 kg



The wheelchair frame can be painted in a selected color from the RAL palette: