• Inclusive Seesaw is a device whose aim is to ensure the possibility of simultaneous fun for non-disabled persons and users in wheelchairs. It is a device with a therapeutic and fun function at the same time.
  • The device, apart from having fun, gives the opportunity to exercise the upper limbs, as well as improve sensory integration and proprioception. For children with disabilities, the swing offers the possibility of vestibular stimulation.
  • Inclusive Seesaw comes in a set with an information board, which must be placed in the immediate vicinity of the installed device, in an unprotected, well-visible place for users.
  • The maximum allowed number of people to be on the swing at one time:

- 1 non-disabled person + 1 person in a wheelchair

- 2 non-disabled people + 1 person in a wheelchair

- 4 people without disabilities

  • The device complies with the EN 1176 standard.



The device is recommended for non-disabled people, as well as for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair, intellectual disability, suffering from neurological disorders (strokes, MS) that limit strenght and causes loss of coordination.

Neurological rehabilitation


Vestibular system stimulation and sensory therapy.

Ankle joint exercises performed in standing, dynamic control.Coordination and upper limbs strenght exercises. Indirectly, the exercises will affect the deep muscles of the torso and build balance strategies due to the unstable ground in people using the equipment while standing.


Technical details


Construction: black steel profile with epoxy primer and powder coated
Platform floor: HPL board
Foundation: concrete minimum B-15 class




External dimensions: 2297 x 1001 x 3465 mm
Maximum platform lift for walking users from the ground level: 788 mm

Maximum platform lift for wheelcgair users from the ground level: 370

Wheelchair platform external dimensions: 738 x 1150 mm

Walking users platform external dimensions: 695 x 2330 mm

Weight: 450 kg

Free fall height: none
Foundation depth:  776 mm

Głębokość fundamentowa:  776 mm