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  • It is a device with a therapeutic and fun function at the same time. In addition to rehabilitation centers, the Inclusive Spinning Wheel is perfect for schools and kindergartens with children with different levels of fitness, as well as for public playgrounds.
  • The main advantage of the Inclusive Spinning Wheel is to support the rehabilitation of the upper limbs by driving the device with rotors for the upper limbs. The rotors set the colored rim of the device in motion. Users of the reel have the impression of moving in relation to the rim. Additionally, the color set for the rim was consulted with therapists and its task is to support sensory integration through colors and light passing through the colored plates.
  • For people with disabilities, the aspect of "agency" is particularly valuable, consisting in setting the wheel in motion by performing exercises on the rotor to the upper limbs.
  • The device can be used by people with disabilities, also in wheelchairs, together with non-disabled people in various configurations of these users.
    On the device at the same time can play:

     - 1 person without disabilities + 1 wheelchair user
     - 2 people without disabilities
     - 2 wheelchair users

  • The device complies with the EN 1176.



For non-disabled users, for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair. For people with intellectual disabilities, with neurological disorders (strokes, MS).

Neurological rehabilitation Kinesiotherapy
Stimulation of the nervous system in case of paralysis and paresis. The possibility of performing assisted movements when the rotor is driven by a non-disabled user, and a disabled person performs the movement without the use of force, but thus restores neuromuscular control. The indications for the use of rotors are: multiple sclerosis, post-stroke conditions, two-limb palsy, spastic paralysis, Parkinson's disease and other neurological and muscle-neurological diseases. Additionally, the changing colors of the rotating wheel of the device stimulate the nervous system to perceive sensory stimuli in states of sensory integration disorders. Driving the movement of the device with the strength of one's own muscles gives a sense of agency, which is very important in the treatment of intellectual disabilities, and also gives the opportunity to train independence. The rehabilitation rotor mechanism allows the wheel of the device to be rotated with the use of levers powered by the force of the upper limbs. The movement involves a number of muscle groups of the upper limbs - agonistic and antagonistic - interacting with each other and performing the opposite movement - extension / flexion (in the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints). The possibility of performing assisted movements in a situation where the rotor is driven by a non-disabled user, and a person with a disability performs the movement without the use of force, but thus recreates the correct ranges of motion in the joints, works on the coordination of alternating movement.

Technical details

Diameter of the wheel: Ø3105 mm

External width: 1125 mm.

Height from the ground level to the upper edge of the wheel: 2484 mm

Total height of the device: 3124 mm

Weight: 450 kg

Foundation depth: 770 mm

Free fall height:  none

Safety zone area:1500 mm from each outer edge of the device



TERMA Inclusive Spinning Wheel